An Epilepsy Drug Shows Benefits of Memory Enhancing in Alzheimer’s

An Epilepsy Drug Shows Benefits of Memory Enhancing in Alzheimer’s Patients

Scientists at the Gladstone Institute have discovered a previously approved medication that treats epilepsy, to significantly reduce memory loss in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The study involved the use of genetically modified mice to stimulate key features of Alzheimer’s disease. These mice were administered with levetiracetam and their brain deterioration reduced by 50% in just one day. Two weeks of treatment showed the scientists that the communication between neurons also improved with the treatment and several proteins essential for normal brain function also returned to normal levels. Better learning abilities and memory were also apparent when these mice were tested in a maze.

Levetiracetam is commonly prescribed for treating epilepsy. The drug works by suppressing abnormal brain activity, which is the main cause of epilepsy. Scientists tested many anti-epileptic drugs, including levetiracetam, on the mice. These scientists are now working harder to find the precise mechanism on exactly how the drug works to reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms. The beneficial effects of levetiracetam in improving mild cognitive impairment were published by scientists at John’s Hopkins University a few months ago. This news, as well as news of the drug’s effect on the genetically modified mice at Lennart Mucke gives Alzheimer’s patients much hope. However, further research is required before human trial can begin on this method of treatment. The new findings about levetiracetam were published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 5.4 million people in America. This figure is expected to triple by 2050. Alzheimer’s is a progressive, disease that causes brain deterioration. This occurs when protein plaques develop in the brain structure leading to the death of brain cells. Alzheimer’s patients also lack a brain chemical involved in the transmitting of brain signals. This too compounds the condition and makes it worse. Memory loss, confusion, mood swings, withdrawal and the extreme inability to carry out daily tasks are common symptoms of this degenerative disease.

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