Anti-epileptic medication Lamictal Reduces Incidents of Epilepsy Attacks

Epilepsy occurs due to a neurological condition affecting the central nervous system. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention approximately more than 2 million Americans are affected with epilepsy. The most significant sign with epilepsy is seizures. Epileptic seizures may be extremely distressing to watch. A person having an epileptic seizure may be unaware of what is happening. They may go through motions that they have no control over such as the thrashing and jerking of the body. The seizures may last for a few seconds, and once over, the person may feel tired, lethargic and confused. Seizures occur due tosudden electrical charges in the brain. Epilepsy can be hereditary or due to a brain injury. It can also occur in vitro due to an infection. However, the actual cause of epilepsy is still unclear. Lamictal is an anti-epileptic medication sold at Big Mountain Drugs and other Canadian pharmacies.

Understanding Epileptic Seizures

Epileptic seizures may affect every person in different ways. Seizures can be divided into two broad types. These are generalized seizures and partial seizures.
Partial Seizures – This form of seizure occurs due to an electrical charge that begins in one side of the brain and move to other parts of the brain. Partial seizures cause the slight twitching of fingers, hand or arm or leg or foot. The person’s speech may become slurred and unclear. Vision may be temporarily impaired depending on the side of the brain affected. This person may also lose consciousness.
Generalized Seizures -An electrical charge not restricted to one side of the brain, but rather occurs in both sides of the brain at once, is referred to as generalized seizure. A person experiencing a generalized seizure may stare into space or lose consciousness. The person may become stiff and start flailing his/her arms about and slump down or fall over. Sleepiness and confusion is most common after generalized seizures. They may not remember having a seizure and will be ready to resume work as normal.

Living with Epilepsy

There is no sure method of curing epilepsy. Medications may help control the seizures that occur with epilepsy. Living with epilepsy does not have to be challenging if proper methods of management are adhered to. For example, understanding the triggers of epilepsy may help prevent its occurrence. Alcohol, disturbed sleep, missed meals, and not taking epilepsy medications trigger epilepsy. Furthermore, some people may be extremely sensitive to flashing lights. This can occur with video games, strobe lights and certain television programmes. Stress is another factor that causes seizures associated with epilepsy. Avoiding these triggers help prevent seizures. Almost any activity is possible if care and common senseare taken in how these activities are conducted.

Medication for Epilepsy

Although there is no cure for epilepsy, there are various medications that may help prevent the seizures that occur with this condition. Lamictal is a medication prescribed for preventing epileptic fits or seizures. The drug works by stabilising the electrical activity in the brain, thereby, controlling the occurrence of seizures. The drug may be used alone or in combination with other medications. Side effects are common with many medications. This may occur with this medication too. Common side effects of the drug are headaches, dizziness and insomnia. Severe side effects of the drug include blurred vision, depression, anxiety, infection, dark urine, fever cramps and allergic reactions. These side effects require immediate medical attention.

Life does not have to stop or slow down because of epilepsy. Normal life can be lived, if Lamictal and other medications are taken as prescribed. Generic and brand medication can be purchased from, an online Canada pharmacy.


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