Avoid Epilepsy Seizures with Lamictal 150 mg before They Strike

Avoid Epilepsy Seizures with Lamictal 150 mg before They Strike without Warning

Many types of seizures exist depending on which side of the brain is affected, but Canadian drugs like Lamictal 150 mg are commonly used to prevent seizures occurring in epilepsy patients. It is also taken by patients suffering from bipolar disorder and functions by delaying episodes where abrupt and drastic changes in moods take place.

Along with other medications, the drug is used in the treatment of certain types of seizures, namely generalized seizures of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and tonic-clonic seizures that can strike anyone over the age of 2 years and above. If prescribed as an alternative to other drugs, it can be used in the treatment of partial seizures in patients over 16 years of age. The doctor will be able to prescribe the combination based on the condition of the patient.

In tackling bipolar disorder, the drug prolongs the time between drastic mood changes that take place. It generally works better when other drugs have been used earlier to treat episodes where mood changes take place.

Clinical Trials Prove Effectiveness of the Drug

Long term stability is observed in patients who changed over to Lamictal 150 mg from other drugs. Two clinical trials were conducted over a period of one and a half years. The results were astonishing.

One in three patients was treated with the drug against one in five patients that were on placebo and did not receive any medication. Drastic mood changes, especially due to depression, were better controlled over the long term. The time between two spells of depression were effectively prolonged as compared to other medication.

Data Bank Being Set Up To Help Understand Bipolar Disorder

Mayo clinic has joined up with several other research centers to accumulate and make available information on bipolar order to the general public. Blood samples and clinical information is being gathered from over 2,000 patients.

The study has been conducted to understand the genetic associations related to bipolar disorder. Besides understanding genes and genetic variations, subtypes of bipolar disorder are also observed along with response to medication.

Researchers are trying to find the reason why certain people respond better to antidepressants for bipolar disorder while others do not respond positively enough. Others will understand better about which medication can be avoided for people with certain genetic disorders.

Chemical changes in the brain result in epilepsy, which can occur all of a sudden, though the reasons are not only clear as yet. It can be induced due to several reasons including bright light. The initial symptoms of depression or mania cannot be tackled using the drug, but it has proved very useful in keeping drastic mood changes from striking again for an extended period of time.

Research is being conducted to detect the exact reasons. However, Lamictal 150 mg has proved to be very effective in tackling the symptoms and preventing seizures before they strike. Canada Pharmacy Online endorses the use of the drug in conjunction with other drugs or as prescribed by the doctor. The pharmacy has made it available for patients internationally to buy the drug online at very competitive rates.

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