Control Epilepsy with Pregabalin use

Epilepsy Causes

Epilepsy also known as seizure disorder is a disorder, which causes seizures that interrupt normal psychological and physical tasks. If a person suffers from unexpected seizures more than twice, the person is generally diagnosed as being Epileptic. 3 million US Citizens of all ages suffer from epilepsy and seizures. 200k people get an epileptic fit or seizure for first time every year.

When a group of cells in the brain send wrong signal, a person may suffer a seizure. Seizure may loose control on muscle reactions, falls unconscious and display unusual behavior. Unusual growth in brain, severe afflictions or injury to a brain are generally considered as causes of Epilepsy. Many times the actual cause may remain unknown as well.

Epilepsy Effects

Epilepsy is not a fatal condition in most cases. Death during a seizure is called Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) and though not yet completely researched, it is blamed on heart problems during a seizure. Status Epilepticus is another severe condition wherein the patient has an abnormally long seizure or doesn’t awaken once unconscious.

Some of the major factors that can increase fatality risk during seizure are badly controlled seizures, use of too many different seizure control medications, chronic epilepsy for long time, seizure attack while asleep, not following doctor’s instructions, completely stopping medication all of sudden etc.

Pregabalin Usage for Epilepsy

Chronic Epilepsy cannot be completely cured. Controlling though is the best option in managing an Epileptic seizure. Other options maybe carrying out various surgeries or installing battery powered device called vagus nerve stimulator, which gives minor electric shocks to the brain. Sometimes diet is known to be beneficial for children. Doctors decide on medication based on seizure condition, patient lifestyle and age, seizure frequency and likelihood of pregnancy in women. Pregabalin gets absorbed easily, is more effective, has minimal drug interaction and the absence of hepatic metabolism makes it a good secondary medication for controlling seizures.

Pregabalin Dosage

Pregabalin is started at very low doses (150 mg/day) to be taken 2-3 times a day and depending on the patient response could increase to max 600 mg/day, twice/thrice a day. It is prescribed orally, with or without food. While stopping Pregabalin use, the dosage should be reduced gradually over a week. Users should not purchase Pregabalin without discussing Pregabalin benefits and risks with doctor.

Side Effects & Interactions

Lyrica use may have serious side effects like: Suicidal thoughts, Anxiety, mood swings, Lethargy, dizziness, unclear vision, unusual weight increase, distraction, inflammation of limbs, and parched oral cavity. Possible allergic reactions have been observed in some cases. User should be aware of Pregabalin Interaction as well. Possible interactions could be feeling depressed or having unusual mood swings; kidney trouble, heart issues, reduced blood count; face swelling etc. Also Pregablin users should discuss all ongoing/recent medication or procedures (both prescription and non prescription) with their Physician before proceeding to use Lyrica. Especially risks of following with Pregabalin use needs to be clearly assessed: Angiotensin Converting Enzymes; Avandia, Avandamet or Actos; Narcotic drugs for pain relief, Sedatives or medicine for Anxiety and Sleep inducing drugs.

Users should buy Pregabalin only after discussing all benefits and risks with user’s doctor. Pregabalin can be ordered from normal drugstores or online pharmacies. Always order genuine Lyrica from respected online drugstores.

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