Topamax for Women with Epilepsy

The World Health Organization official site indicates that epilepsy is a chronic condition that is marked by recurrent seizures or fits which could be a brief lapse in attention or muscle jerks to a more severe and prolonged convulsion. The seizures are caused by sudden, usually brief, excessive electrical discharges in a group of brain cells (neurons). In most cases, epilepsy can be successfully managed with anti-epileptic drugs however some like Topamax, is required by FDA a suicide warning on the drug label. About 2 million people In America is estimated to have this condition and newly-discovered cases are common in children and older adults. A small slice of the population belongs to women. Women are terribly presented with a different situation as their hormones contribute to their episodes of seizure. >

Women and their Monthly Cycle

Estrogen and progesterone are two of the hormones in women which play a big role during menstruation. The hormone estrogen is known to be -excitatory- which can make the electrical impulses in the brain increase and progesterone is an -inhibiting- hormone which is an opposite of estrogen’s function. Throughout the menstrual cycle, both these hormones fluctuate. Throughout ovulation, the presence of estrogen in the body increases making the neurons more excited than the usual which is why most women have seizures during this time. But then, some women experience seizure attacks when there is an increase in progesterone and a drop of estrogen in the body. The hormonal changes might not be the direct cause of seizures but they can influence the occurrence.

The Effect of Anti-Epileptic Medication’s to Women

Other than their hormones, women are put at risk with their anti-epilepsy medications. Studies show that medications used in managing seizures such as Topamax are associated with the formation of birth defects. The medication Topamax has been reclassified by the U.S. FDA from Pregnancy Category C to Category D as it has been connected with the formation of birth defects like clefts and hypospadias to babies born in women who use the drug. Doctors are strongly encouraged to be cautious in prescribing this medication to women who are pregnant and those of childbearing age. Women who used the medication and felt the adverse effects have looked for Topamax birth defect lawyers to be rightfully compensated for all the troubles they experienced.

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