Topamax’s Effect on People with Epilepsy

One hundred twenty five thousand Americans are believed to be diagnosed with Epilepsy, a group of neurologic disorders, each year. It is characterized by seizures or tics due to the abnormal electrical activities in the brain. Brain injuries such as brain tumors, low oxygenation and etc. are considered to be the major cause of seizures. Drug therapy is significant in the management of epilepsy but some medications such as Topamax is required FDA warnings and drug labels on their medication for its connection to the development of eye conditions such as Glaucoma and Acute Myopia. As mentioned, epilepsy is a group of disorders so there are different types of seizures. Whatever type of seizure disorder the individual has, the inconvenience and disruption to the patients normal functions cannot be neglected. People who are suffering from this disorder and their families deserve to know its management especially when seizure attacks happen. >

In Case of Seizure Attack

Safety is the top priority when someone is having seizure attacks. When the person is having seizures, you have to secure the area not only for the patient but also to the people around. Remove anything that might compromise the airway like constrictive clothing. Do not attempt to pacify the patient or force a tongue depressor in the mouth as this can be a risk for injury. Placing the patient in a side-lying position will help avoid the secretions to enter the airways which can be a cause for potential choking. After the seizure episode, the patient may be confused so its best to not leave the person alone until they regain proper orientation. Generally, it is recommended to contact an ambulance or a health care provider.

How to Manage Epilepsy?

Medication Therapy

In dealing with epilepsy and seizures, medications are of great importance. The objective is to get rid of the episodes while have less of the unwanted side effects brought about by the drug. The medication Topiramate, under brand name Topamax, is known to prevent the occurrence of seizure attacks. It can be combined with other seizure medications for full efficacy. However, it was reclassified into Category D by the U.S. FDA after studies associated it with the formation of birth defects. It is also linked to the development of glaucoma and acute myopia. Each person is different from the other so response to treatment may differ. This is best discussed with your doctor to determine what fits you best since this will be based onseveral factors.

Lifestyle Changes

Drug therapy is also accompanied with behavioural changes as some activities can cause the attack like stress, not enough sleep and the use of prohibited drugs and alcohol. It is also advised to take note of the attacks; date, time, what might have triggered it and other details that you think might be helpful for you and your doctor.

Others with specific types of seizures might not have episodes of seizures without using medications and some such as those affected with childhood epilepsy can grow up into healthy adults but unfortunately, some of the others with epilepsy experience more complications such as Topamax side effects. This condition may be a chronic illness that requires commitment and cooperation from the sufferer to the treatment plan.

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