Using an EEG Amplifier as a Pathway to Understanding Epilepsy

Using an EEG Amplifier as a Pathway to Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy, a disorder of the central nervous system, is a frustratingly difficult condition, both for the person afflicted with it, and the doctors who study it. Essentially defining who we are, the human nervous system is a communications network that controls every thought, emotion, memory, and movement. Epilepsy causes the brain’s electrical rhythms to become imbalanced, resulting in reoccurring seizures. Scientists have developed a miniaturized EEG amplifier (monitoring system) to help study epilepsy. >

The brain communicates with nerves traveling throughout the body, which function like telephone lines, enabling the brain to communicate with every part of the body using electrical signals. In an effort to lower nursing care, scientists have found the use of an EEG Amplifier effective. Intracranial electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring involves recording multi-contact electrodes. Doctors are able to use an EEG amplifier to integrate into electrode connectors. Electrode connectors are placed strategically on the scalp since different areas of the brain control different functions. This EEG amplifier records electrical signals from the brain and can be mounted on the head for patient comfort and convenience.

The EEG amplifier records the brain’s electrical activity as a series of wavy lines called traces. Each trace corresponds to a different region of the brain. If seizures arise from a specific area of the brain, then the initial symptoms of the seizure often reflect the functions of that region. This type of information is extremely useful to doctors caring for epilepsy patients. Monitoring patients can become uncomfortable for them if they are to remain in a hospital for extended lengths of time. Portable and convenient, the miniature EEG amplifier can be worn on the patient in the comfort of their own home while multiple channels of useful data are being recorded for later study. It’s this kind of state-of-the-art technology that will lead to a greater understanding of epilepsy.

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